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Video: Crafting the Perfect AngularJS Model and Making it Real Time

AngularJS is an MV* framework, but the model is mysteriously absent. As we in the web development industry know better than most, the universe hates a void. GoInstant has developed an AngularJS model for the real-time web , extending AngularJS’s 2-way binding to simplify data-synchronization and persistence. Speaker Matt Creager will discuss what they’ve learned while developing their AngularJS integration GoAngular (goangular.org) and how it can be implemented in your own Angular applications to create a more ‘durable’ foundation.

Matt Creager is the core contributor of GoAngular, a data synchronization integration for AngularJS. He previously worked at BlackBerry analyzing petabytes of data, building real-time analytics dashboards, debugging enormous distributed systems, and doing his best to understand what makes for healthy systems and happy users.