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Overview of the Android Design Support Library

via Overview of the Android Design Support Library – Tuts+ Code Article.

During Google I/O 2015, Google introduced the Design Support Library for Android developers. This library makes it simple for developers to implement more Material Design concepts into their applications, because many key elements were not available initially out of the box. On top of being easy to use, the Design Support Library is backwards compatible to API 7. The Design Support Library can be included in your Android projects by importing the Gradle dependency.

Build a Real-Time Polymer To-Do App

via Build a Real-Time Polymer To-Do App | Scotch.

If you kept up with Google I/O 2015, then you likely saw that Polymer 1.0 has been released to the public. If you have been around since Polymer 0.5, then you likely saw that all your favorite building blocks have been deprecated. For all those who have used 0.5, consider this a migration assistant. Those of you who have never seen Polymer before, you’re in for a treat!

Polymer is a library that leverages web components to allow you to define and use custom HTML elements. With custom elements, designing and building a website becomes a game of Legos. Polymer 1.0 replaces the shadow DOM polyfill with a lightweight shim, reduces the code size, and speeds up data-binding for an all around smoother experience.

Today, we’ll be building a realtime collaborative to-do application, where task status is synced in realtime across all connected devices as their state is changed. We’ll use Polymer to build our application, and PubNub to send and receive updates between connected devices, and to sync state.