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Create MarkerCluster in Google Maps | MarkerCluster example in Google Maps

Download Source Code Introduction Here, I will explain how to create MarkerCluster in Google Map to group a large number of markers. Description MarkerCluster is a client side library that groups a large number of markers on Google Map into clusters. MarkerCluster is a grid based clustering where map is divided into square grids and […]


Android Google Maps

Android Google Maps

The Android platform provides easy and tight integration between Android applications and Google Maps. The well established Google Maps APIis used under the hood in order to bring the power of Google Maps to your Android applications. In this tutorial we will see how to incorporate Google Maps into an Android app.Installing the Google APIsIn order to be able to use Google Maps, the Google APIs have to be present in your SDK. In case the Google APIs are not already installed, you will have to manually install them. This is accomplished by using the Android SDK and AVD Manager.

Launch the manager and choose the “Installed Options” section to see what is already installed and the “Available Packages” to download the additional APIs.

You can find more information about this procedure in the following links: