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Create MarkerCluster in Google Maps | MarkerCluster example in Google Maps

Download Source Code Introduction Here, I will explain how to create MarkerCluster in Google Map to group a large number of markers. Description MarkerCluster is a client side library that groups a large number of markers on Google Map into clusters. MarkerCluster is a grid based clustering where map is divided into square grids and […]


Building a Video Search App with YouTube API

via How To Use YouTube API in Your iOS Apps.

It’s a well-known fact that Google provides a big number of electronic products and services that can be used from the simplest end-user, to the most sophisticated one. But further than those who just use the Google services as they’re provided, there are people who need to have a different kind of access to them; developers. Indeed, Google gives great assistance to developers of all kind to create multi-platform applications that use their services, as it provides various Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) that can be used in many ways, as well as already-made libraries and SDKs for various programming languages.

As the Google APIs and services can be utilized in mobile platforms as well, apparently we could not just be left uninterested here, and as a matter of fact, we’ve already dealt with Google technologies in the past. For example, here’s a tutorial about the Google Maps SDK. Now, in this tutorial, we’re going to see for first time a totally different service, the YouTube API.

Implementing Google Maps in AngularJS

via Implementing Google Maps in AngularJS | AngularJS Tutorials | All Programming Tutorials.

We will be creating following three files in order to demonstrate the implementation of Google Maps in AngularJs –

  1. google-maps.html file for creating a Google Map.
  2. maps.css file for adding basic style to our Google Map.
  3. maps.js file containing AngularJs controller for our Google Map.

Geolocation JavaScript and Google Maps

via Geolocation JavaScript and Google Maps – Blog – [Free Development].

Google Maps is a great tool for visualizing movable maps and routes between points ornot; This excellent tool is available for use in our web projects, in this post we will see how to use Google Maps on our web projects:

How to Develop Java Travel App that Integrates Web Services?

via How to Develop Java Travel App that Integrates Web Services?

Are you thinking to develop Java Travel App? Check out this step-to-step guide that teaches you to develop Java travel application along with integrating web services.

Most of the people love to travel and for them, it is must to build travel app that provide instant information about their traveling place. Those developers, who are thinking to create travel application for their users, can see guide in this post.

This guide is divided into two parts. The first part leverages the user preference that stored in a user profile and the second incorporates the first one with external services in a web application.

Things You Require to Build A Same Application

Run the app here

jQuery Geocoding and Places Autocomplete Plugin

via Geocomplete – jQuery Geocoding and Places Autocomplete Plugin.

An advanced jQuery plugin that wraps the Google Maps API’s Geocoding and Places Autocomplete services. You simply provide an input that lets you search for locations with a nice autocomplete dropdown. Optionally add a container to show an interactive map and a form that will be populated with the address details.

View the annotated source.

A Swift Tutorial for Google Maps SDK

via A Swift Tutorial for Google Maps SDK on iOS.

Working with maps in iOS consists of an entire programming chapter, as there are tons of things that a developer can do with them. From just presenting a location on a map to drawing a journey’s route with intermediate positions, or even exploiting a map’s possibilities in a completely different way, dealing with all these undoubtably is a great experience that leads to amazing results.

Up to iOS 5.1 (including that version as well), iOS was using the Google Mobile Maps service to provide access to maps and all the related services. Since then however, things changed and Apple introduced the Map Kit, a brand new framework completely built in-house, which is used until today. By the time Apple stopped using Google’s map services, Google decided to create its own Maps SDK for all platforms, including iOS, and that way to compete the Map kit or any other map SDKs that other platforms use. Right now, Google consist of a strong player in this field, as many developers use that SDK. So writing for the Google Maps SDK for iOS is something that definitely worths to be done.