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Setting Up Gulp Tasks for the First Time

via Setting Up Gulp Tasks for the First Time | Codementor.

How To Set Up Gulp Tasks

First and foremost, what is Gulp.js? The simple answer is:

Gulp.js is a Task/Build runner that makes use of pipes for streaming data that needs to be processed.

So, how can Gulp.js help during the development process?

There are many programming languages that have extensions that make it easier or more elegant to develop big projects. This extensions can be more powerful at development time by adding features that were not available in the original language.

Yeoman generator for AngularJS with GulpJS

via Swiip/generator-gulp-angular · GitHub.

This generator combines the best features of other generators like generator-angular, ngTailor and generator-gulp-webapp into an optimal workflow for starting applications with AngularJS powered by Gulp!

generator-gulp-angular scaffolds an AngularJS application with a full-featured gulpfile.js, giving you immediate out-of-the-box access to all tasks for modern web development.

My intention is to create a generator that gives users total control over their development toolbox so they can immediately start projects with their preferred tools, such as specific UI frameworks or JavaScript preprocessors.

This project is one of many things that you can use to get started on a new app. For a comparison of the options and the trade-offs between them, please visit this link.

Vert.x with gulpJS

via Vert.x with gulp.js.

Vert.x is often put forward as a polyglot alternative to node.js that runs on the JVM. A read through the vert.x javascript docs indicates that javascript is a first-class language in vert.x, and both node.js and vert.x use an event-driven, non-blocking I/O programming model. But to what degree will a node programmer feel at home in writing a vert.x application?

In this blog post I will look at using gulp, a node.js build tool, to build a vert.x 2 module.

GulpJs ( Gulp.js ) Introduction tutorial

In this gulpjs introduction tutorial video we shall install gulp, install libraries, and set up the javascript task runner which is just like gruntjs. Will it be a gruntjs replacement or complement, watch here to find out. Official name is gulp.js

You can find download code at http://www.lswebapps.com/tutorial-vid…
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