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Taming HapiJS and AngularJS

via molekilla/rutha · GitHub.


  • AngularJS 1.3.2
    Hapi 8.0.0
    Jasmine 2.0: Both Angular Protractor and Facebook Jest are based on Jasmine. Using Mocha/Chai combo just adds to your learning curve. Jasmine 2.0 has been given more updates than ever before. Is a must have.
    Grunt JIT: Is JIT for Grunt. No more waits.
    BrowserSync: Choose this because it was painless to configure
    Underscore for frontend server side templates: To avoid issues with AngularJS.
    Grunt ngAnnotate
    Grunt Angular Templates
    Grunt Wiredep
    Rule Them All with a single environment: Both development and production environment are the same. We concat, annotate, mix some ingredients and offer you the same production environment for development.
    Specs and Functional Tests (Frontend): Based partially on year of moo
    Frontend Todd Motto’s AngularJS guideline: I also based some ideas on PackPub’s Angular Book
    Visionmedia/debug module by default
    Lout module for API docs by default
    Chris Sevilleja’s ‘Easy Node authentication’ local and facebook sample code for HapiJS
    Basic cssmin task
    grunt-nsp-package support
    Istanbul code coverage support
    Uses canned responses / server mocks / nobackend inspired by Euge’s canned responses
    Angular Hint
    Hapi Swagger
    Grunt JSDoc3