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“How To”: Using Visual Studio to build Applications That Integrate with HDInsight/Hadoop

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To make developers in Visual Studio productive with “big data” in their custom applications, we’ve added a deeper tooling experience for HDInsight in Visual Studio in the recent updates to the Azure SDK. This extension to Visual Studio helps developers to visualize their Hadoop clusters, tables and associated storage in familiar and powerful tools. Developers can now create and submit ad hoc Hive queries for HDInsight directly against a cluster from within Visual Studio, or build a Hive application that is managed like any other Visual Studio project.

Download the Azure SDK now for VS 2013|VS 2012|VS 2015 Preview.

How to use HBase Java API with HDInsight HBase cluster, part 1

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Recently we worked with a customer, who was trying to use HBase Java API to interact with an HDInsight HBase cluster. Having worked with the customer and trying to follow our existing documentations here and here, we realized that it may be helpful if we clarify a few things around HBase JAVA API connectivity to HBase cluster and show a simpler way of running the JAVA client application using HBase JAVA APIs. In this blog, we will explain the recommended steps for using HBase JAVA APIs to interact with HDInsight HBase cluster.