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Questrade API sample code with nodejs and request

Questrade released an API to retrieve account information, market data, and even making trades. That’s awesome! They have helpful documentation and even a developer console to make the API calls. Here is some sample code to use their API. Remember to paste your own refresh token (their Getting Started page provides instructions on how to generate […]


Coding our Hello world using Google Web Toolkit

Lesson 3 In this tutorial we are going to edit the following file: HellowGWT.gwt.xml HellowGWT.css HellowGWT.html HelloGWT.java How to locate the above files in your project. The image below will show you how to do it. Step 1- Modify Module Descriptor: HelloGWT.gwt.xml GWT plugin will create a default module descriptor file src/com.henrymbuguakiarie/HelloGWT.gwt.xml which is given […]