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Get Started with HomeKit

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HomeKit is designed to bring an end to individual apps for smart home accessories. Gone are the days where you will be switching between apps to set up a perfect movie night scene; instead you’ll have one app, which communicates to all of your accessories using HomeKit.

HomeKit has a couple of core concepts that form the basis for the entire API. The general idea of HomeKit is that you interact with a Home, which has Rooms, which have Acessories, which have states. In order to get started, you’ll need to create a Home Manager. The Home Manager is your entry point to HomeKit – it keeps a common database of Accessories and allows you to manage your Home(s). It also notifies you of changes, which makes it easy to deal with changes to the HomeKit configuration from other HomeKit-enabled apps.

Learn How To Create An iOS App Using HomeKit

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Back in early 2014 I had an opportunity to work on my first hardware project that went into production.

The project was incredibly interesting. All of a sudden I had to build an app that interfaced with a piece of hardware that triggered set events. Those events would be customizable through the app. It’s one thing to build an app just for the device. To create an app that interfaced with an external device was a welcome change of scenery.

Given that we are all shifting into what’s being called “The Internet Of Things,” it’s well worth your time to explore the hardware side of the house. I didn’t have the luxury of HomeKit to leverage when I worked on my hardware project. I wish I did. One of the roughest aspects of that contract was establishing a communication layer that worked well. The company I worked for had to create their own standard, which involved a lot of trial and error.

Well, HomeKit is here to help guide new hardware projects. I can’t speak for the hardware development side of the house, but I can speak to the software side. If you want to build an app for a HomeKit enabled device, or you’re just curious, then this article is for you.

  • You’ll learn how HomeKit works at the foundation
  • You’ll discover how to create your own accessories to experiment with
  • You’ll explore an app that creates a solid foundation to work from

Introducing HomeKit

HomeKit provides a common protocol that home automation devices can adhere to, making the life of the software developer much easier. Since the hardware creator follows such a protocol you really don’t have to concern yourself with the firmware of the device. You can use HomeKit to easily configure and communicate with supported devices.

There are three major functions that HomeKit provides: