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How the heck do you integrate Swift and Unity?

Motivation The motivation for this solution, and really the birth of this guide was that there wasn’t any guides or solutions out there touching Swift and Unity. One of them is a huge beast that has a large presence in media industry and the other is a young fledgling elegant beauty waiting to burst to it. Problem […]


How-to Install the last version of Node.js (Node.js v0.12) and npm in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How-To Install the last version of Node.js in Ubuntu


Fixing npm permissions in XUbuntu, Ubuntu and OS X

Fixing npm permissions, to install packages globally without getting EACCES error


How-to install MongoDB in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

How to install, run and uninstall MongoDB in Ubuntu


How-to install grunt in Ubuntu

Grunt is the JavaScript task runner for Node.js. In order to install it, you first need to install Node.js 0.8.0 or a newer version, and fix the npm (node package manager) permissions. then: 1. Install the Grunt’s command line interface (CLI) with: $ npm install -g grunt-cli sources: http://gruntjs.com/getting-started


Create a MEAN.js application

How-To create a MEAN.js application


Getting started with CSS (GSS) in GWT

GWT can be hard to tackle at first, especially if your experience is entirely in front-end web development. You may be an HTML and CSS ninja, but not much of a Java wizard. This tutorial introduces how style sheets are used in GWT. I will not explain how to create a new GWT project, and will […]