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How to use the resource phase of a portlet ?

Usually when we have to make an AJAX call or when the user should download a file  from a portlet we use the “Resource Phase” of a portlet.


How to hide Liferay default error message

When a server-side error occur in Liferay, a default message could be shown to the user : This message is displayed when an exception is not planned to be thrown in the current JSP.


Liferay 6: How to connect to an external database using the Service Builder

It’s possible to connect the Liferay Service Builder to a database different from the Liferay DB. It could be very useful and it’s pretty simple to set up. Here are the steps: Add the JDBC DB information in the portal-ext.properties file Instantiate a new datasource using Spring configuration Use the new datasource in service.xml entities


Taglibs : How to find source code

You were reading some code in a JSP when you found a tag that you have never seen before. Let’s take a basic example, imagine I just found this piece of code: The value of this tag seems to be Javascript but I can’t be sure because I don’t know what does the tag “aui:script”.


Visual Basic – If Statement

Description How to use if statement’s conditions (True/false) Design


Visual Basic – Case Else

Description How to use a variable to indicate several actions Design