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A Discussion on Ajax

It took me an excruciatingly long time to figure out how to build a Rails form with Ajax. While searching for a solution I often found instructions to simply add remote: true to my form_for code block, and then to wave around some JavaScript magic. I plugged away for days and NOTHING worked. It was a nightmare. Understanding Ajax at a high level helped me overcome this learning hurdle.


Display Error Messages on an Ajax Rails Form: Three Methods

Soon I will release a series of posts that walk through how to build a real-world database-backed contact form in a Ruby on Rails application. While working on that series, I decided to also write a shorter post that expands upon a topic I will later touch on, namely, how to display error messages on an Ajax Rails form.


Build a Rails Form (and Skip the Gems!) – An Overview

One of the first times I needed to implement database-backed functionality was when I built a contact form for a Ruby on Rails web application. This is the beginning of a series of posts that walk through how to build a database-backed contact form in Ruby on Rails.