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Mobile Apps Monitoring With IBM Bluemix

Mobile Apps Monitoring With IBM Bluemix
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One of the great capabilities of Bluemix is that developers can see information about how their mobile apps are used in a server side dashboard. This includes usage statistics, network traffic and devices types as well as client side logs. Being able to see logs from all mobile devices is very useful since physical access to devices is obviously hard and sometimes not possible.

In order to use this functionality Bluemix provides the Mobile Client Access service and SDKs for iOS, Android and hybrid apps.

Initial Steps with Xamarin.UITest for Hybrid Apps

via Initial Steps with Xamarin.UITest for Hybrid Apps | Xamarin Team.

Recently we have used Xamarin.UITest to validate the UI of an app developed with Cordova, and Test Cloud to run such on a lot of physical devices.

Tutorial: Building a Todo Mobile App with Ionic, Angular, Appery.io Visual App Builder and Database

via Tutorial: Building a Todo Mobile App with Ionic, Angular, Appery.io Visual App Builder and Database | Max Katz.

For years, developers had to make a choice: build a single hybrid app with a so-so user experience, or build a native app for each platform with a great user experience. Developers don’t have to make this choice anymore. By integrating the Ionic SDK into Appery.io, developers can build enterprise HTML5/hybrid apps on a single code base that offer a native experience across all platforms. The Appery.io platform’s visual tooling lowers the skills barrier, empowering a broader base of developers and business analysts to create effective and intuitive mobile applications.

In this tutorial, you will use the Appery.io platform to build a mobile app. The tool set includes:

  • Ionic – native-like UI components
  • AngularJS – UI logic/binding
  • Appery.io App Builder – cloud-based drag and drop designer
  • Appery.io Backend Services – API backend for the app