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Azure Diagnostic Improvements

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In this episode Haishi Bai is joined by Boris Scholl and Saurabh Bhatia, both Program Managers on the Azure Tools team.  Boris and Saurabh join us to discuss diagnostics improvements with the Azure SDK.  Saurabh starts by showing the new IaaS configuration page in Visual Studio which enables viewing endpoints, installing extensions, altering logging levels, and much more.  He then goes on to show how to create custom Event Sources in your code to better facilitate logging information from your applications and how to configure those event sources for your roles.  Also shown is being able to view the debug locally and see the debug information, something that will continue to be enhanced and made easier.

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Zero to 1 Million with Google Cloud Platform and DataStax

Google Cloud Platform delivers the industry’s leading cloud-based services to create anything from simple websites to complex applications. DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra™, the leading distributed database technology, to the enterprise. Together, DataStax Enterprise on Google Cloud Platform delivers the performance, agility, infinite elasticity and innovation organizations need to build high-performance, highly-available online applications.

Join Allan Naim, Global Product Lead at Google Cloud Platform and Darshan Rawal, Sr. Director of Product Management at DataStax as they share their expertise on why DataStax and Google Cloud Platform deliver the industry’s most robust Infrastructure-as-a Service (IaaS) platform and how your organization find success with NoSQL and Cloud services.

View to learn how to:
– Handle more than 1 Million requests per second for data-intensive online applications with Apache Cassandra on Google Cloud Platform
– Leverage the technology infrastructure and global network powering Google’s search engine with DataStax to deploy blazing-fast and always-on applications
– Transform your business into a data-driven company, a change that is critical as future success and discoveries hinge on the ability to quickly take action on data

Build highly scalable applications with Node.js and Redis

Build highly scalable applications with Node.js and Redis

One of the most compelling reasons to use IBM Bluemix™ to run your application is its ability to quickly and easily scale your application. With traditional IaaS offerings, scaling your application would require purchasing additional virtual images, configuring those images, deploying your application, and configuring some type of load balancer to distribute the load across the new images. With Bluemix and its catalog packed with services, all this can be accomplished with a single click of a button.