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AWS IAM security through the command line and SDKs (Java, Ruby and PHP)‏

via AWS IAM security through the command line and SDKs.

Amazon security requires the use of AWS IAM with temporary authentication credentials. We’ll explore implementation via the command line and SDKs.

Cloud security is shared between AWS and its customers. Amazon Web Services Security takes responsibility for the compute and networking layers (security of the cloud), while we’re on the hook for our instances, networks, web applications, and databases (security in the cloud). But, as I discussed in a previous post, Amazon also provides you with powerful tools to help you maintain your side of the deal; especially their Identity and Access Management system (IAM).

IAM allows you to create and manage permissions for multiple users. It works on the philosophy of least privilege, by providing only the precise rights a user or role will need to do exactly their task and nothing more. AWS best practices are, as the name suggests, the very best way to tighten your AWS security. While most best practices can be implemented without modification, using IAM roles for apps or scripts running on EC2 instances might require a little work. In this post, we’ll see some examples of code-based IAM role implementation in your applications.