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via Tutorial: In-App Purchases (IAP) in Swift – iOS Life.

In this tutorial we are going to review how to setup an In-App Purchase (IAP) for your app using Swift. This will show you step by step how to setup an IAP in iTunes Connect for your app, then how to implement it in your app and how you can unlock features or consumables for the user.

A Beginner’s Guide to In-App Purchase Programming in iOS 8

via A Beginner’s Guide to In-App Purchase Programming in iOS 8.

Many applications today provide the option to get extra content and features by making purchases through them. This technique, known as In-App Purchases, has become a fashion during the last few years, and it has proven to be quite profitable and efficient. Undoubtably, we all have downloaded apps from App Store that gave us the option to get additional material by purchasing it through them.

It’s an undeniable fact that the most of the developers’ (and Apple’s of course) revenue the last couple of years is based on the In-App Purchases. And if we think a bit about it, why not? In-App Purchases (or in short IAP) consist of a great tool for developers, and of a nice option for users. With it, both sides can be happy; developers can sell their apps for free in the App Store with a few features enabled so they attract more users to try them, and integrate IAP for unlocking additional content after having purchased it. Users, on the other hand, can buy only the content or features they are interested in, without having to pay for parts of the app they don’t want to use. And as it has been proved, this strategy has increased the income for almost all developers that use IAP.