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Create a Tessel Beacon with a BLE Module (Tutorial Overview)

via Create a Tessel Beacon with a BLE Module (Tutorial Overview) – PubNub.

Welcome to the next installment of our big blog series on building realtime iBeacon and beacon technology! In other words, we’re building smarter beacons, enhancing the capabilities of beacon technology with bidirectional, two-way communication. Check out the beacon series overview here.

By the way, we already published our three-part series on building iBeacon for iDevices, if iOS is more your cup of tea.

Getting Started with iBeacon: A Swift Tutorial

This screencast will show you how to write a small iOS8 Swift app that uses iBeacon. The app changes the screen color to match the color of the closest beacon.

This screencast accompanies the full blog post tutorial found here: http://willd.me/posts/getting-started…

All the code found in this screencast can be found on GitHub here: https://github.com/willdages/closest-…