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Part 1: Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson

via Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson, Part 1.

Improve decision making in process applications with the Question and Answer service on IBM Bluemix

IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) is widely used to automate business processes, and the end users are often knowledge workers who make decisions based on their domain knowledge. IBM Watson™ has the capability to respond to user queries using natural language based on a corpus about any business domain. If you integrate an IBM BPM V8.5 application with the Question and Answer service on IBM Bluemix™, your team can use IBM Watson to support decision making based on a particular business corpus.

This tutorial is the first in the Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson series.

The sample IBM BPM application in this tutorial demonstrates how you can invoke the Watson Question and Answer service to support the decision-making process for users working with a process application.”