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IBM SDK for NodeJS: Execute server-side JavaScript with this new SDK for IBM platforms.

via IBM developerWorks : IBM SDK for Node.js Version 1.1.

The IBM SDK for Node.js ™ provides a stand-alone JavaScript ® runtime and server-side JavaScript solution for IBM platforms. It provides a high-performance, highly scalable, event-driven environment with non-blocking I/O that is programmed with the familiar JavaScript programming language.

The IBM SDK for Node.js ™ is based on the Node.js ™ open source project. It provides a compatible solution for IBM Power ™ , Intel ® and System z ™ products that require Node.js ™ functionality and package management.

Build and deploy a sample NodeJS application to Bluemix

via Build and deploy a sample Node.js application to Bluemix.

Using the Watson User Modeling service on Bluemix

Learn how to build and deploy a User Modeling Node.js sample application on IBM® Bluemix® using the Cloud Foundry command-line interface.

The Watson services on Bluemix provide developers with unprecedented access to cognitive tools for building their own Watson-powered applications. Additionally, these services deliver the first set of publicly available tools for Watson that extend beyond basic question-and-answer capabilities. This means you now have access to the first-ever cloud-based cognitive platform available. Pretty exciting, huh?

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