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IBM Watson Personality Insights Badge

via watson-developer-cloud/arduino-pi-badge-demo · GitHub.

Arduino Yún-based demo that displays your Twitter handle and “Big 5” personality traits.

Uses IBM Watson Personality Insights service to calculate your personality traits based on your recent tweets.

Part 1: Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson

via Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson, Part 1.

Improve decision making in process applications with the Question and Answer service on IBM Bluemix

IBM® Business Process Manager (BPM) is widely used to automate business processes, and the end users are often knowledge workers who make decisions based on their domain knowledge. IBM Watson™ has the capability to respond to user queries using natural language based on a corpus about any business domain. If you integrate an IBM BPM V8.5 application with the Question and Answer service on IBM Bluemix™, your team can use IBM Watson to support decision making based on a particular business corpus.

This tutorial is the first in the Integrate IBM BPM with IBM Watson series.

The sample IBM BPM application in this tutorial demonstrates how you can invoke the Watson Question and Answer service to support the decision-making process for users working with a process application.”

Video: Build A Translation REST API With Watson, Node-RED, and Bluemix

Video: Create a NodeJS application using IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix and the IBM Watson service

This video shows how to use IBM Eclipse Tools for Bluemix to create, configure, and deploy a travel chat Node.js application to Bluemix. The application uses the Watson Question and Answer (QA) service to answer travel questions.

Rapid Watson Service development with new NodeJS packages

via Rapid nodejs Watson Service development with the watson-developer-cloud and restify packages.

I’m excited about a new node package that I was introduced to this past week! One of my colleagues, the venerable German Attanasio, introduced me to a Node.js package that he, along with this team, have created to simplify Watson Service development on Bluemix. This weekend I decided to sit down and play with the new package.

You can find the watson-developer-cloud package on npmjs.com. As indicated in the package documentation, it is currently alpha quality and not recommended for production. Nonetheless, the watson-developer-cloud package is impressive and extremely simplifies embedding cognitive services into a node application.

Watson api using nodeJS

via bluemix – Watson api using node.js – Stack Overflow.

trying to use this node.js code to use watson api which is in ibm cloud bluemix in our ios app. Can anybody tell me what this code is doing and provide us an answer how to use the watson service from our app.

Develop Node.js apps without leaving your browser

via Develop Node.js apps without leaving your browser.

For this tutorial, you’ll use the Personality Insights Node.js Web Starter app in Bluemix. The app uses the IBM Watson Personality Insights service to analyze text and derive information about the text author’s personality traits: