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Next-generation ES6 module bundler

via rollup/rollup · GitHub.

This is an early stage project under active development. If you find a bug, please raise an issue!.

  • A next-generation ES6 module bundler

    Right now, you have a few different options if you want to create a bundle out of your ES6 modules:

    • The best option, in terms of performance, size of the resulting bundle, and accurate representation of ES6 module semantics, is to use esperanto. It’s used by ractive.js, moment.js, Facebook’s immutable.js, the jQuery Foundation’s pointer events polyfill, Ember CLI and a bunch of other libraries and apps
    • You could use jspm, which combines a module bundler with a loader and a package manager
    • Or you could use browserify or webpack, transpiling your modules into CommonJS along the way

    e way

Writing a Basic App in Redux

via David and Suzi | Writing a Basic App in Redux.

I’ve been a bit heads down for the last two months, working on a project with React 0.12.2 and Reflux. In that course of time, the React ecosystem has begun to feel foreign to me. React is up to 0.14 beta, React-Router is up to 1.0 beta, a few ES6 and ES7 patterns have been popularized, and Redux has gained a large amount of support and momentum and arguably emerged as the Flux library of choice.

I’ve been wanting to look at Redux for a while, but the only way I can motivate myself to learn stuff like this is by doing write ups. So let’s build a simple Pokedex app that displays a list of Pokemon, has an search input field, and lets you click a button to catch some Pokemon. That’s it, intentionally contrived. Everything will be synchronous for now, but I’d ambitiously like to do writeups in the future that introduce the capabilities/usage of Redux Dev Tools, ImmutableJS, GraphQL, and server-side rendering.

[This article is being written specifically for those who have prior experience with React and Flux, but have not had any prior experience with Redux.]

Demo: http://davidchang.github.io/redux-pokedex/

Code: https://github.com/davidchang/redux-pokedex

The ReactJS Way: Flux Architecture with ImmutableJS

via The React.js Way: Flux Architecture with Immutable.js.

This article is the second part of the “The React.js Way” blog series. If you are not familiar with the basics, I strongly recommend you to read the first article: The React.js Way: Getting Started Tutorial.

In the previous article, we discussed the concept of the virtual DOM and how to think in the component way. Now it’s time to combine them into an application and figure out how these components should communicate with each other.

Immutable.js Offers JavaScript a Taste of Functional Programming

The Immutable.js library reached version 3.0.0 last week, adding a number of API changes. Immutable.js provides persistent data structures allowing for a functional programming style while using natural syntax familiar to traditional JavaScript developers. Click to Read>>