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Rebuild all indexes of a Partioned Table

Another quick post! Regarding you frequently need to collect all indexes of a partioned table (local and global indexes), this is a quick script that make the task a little bit easier: begin — local indexes for i in (select p.index_owner owner, p.index_name, p.partition_name from dba_indexes i, dba_ind_partitions p where i.owner=’&OWNER’ and   i.table_name=’&TABLE’ and   i.partitioned=’YES’ […]


Bitcoin price with WinkDex API (in JavaFX) – Part II

As previously mentioned in this post, WinkDex API allows users much more than simply get the price and timestamp from their site. You can also get a series of prices and dates and build your own Bitcoin price chart easily and this is what I’m going to show you in current post.