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Conquering Instagram with PHP and the Instagram API

via Conquering Instagram with PHP and the Instagram API.

Instagram’s API allows us to interact with data such as user info, media (photos and videos), likes, comments, and tags. For example, you can search for media around a specific location and filter the results by time. The API also allows us to post comments or like specific media. For now, only uploading media isn’t supported. You can always look at the API endpoints documentation if you want to know about the full functionality.

How to Authenticate and Get Data Using Instagram API

via How to Authenticate and Get Data Using Instagram API.

This article explains how to authenticate an Instagram API and how to get user photos, user details and popular photos using the Instagram API.


via How to Create an Instagram Photo Printing App in Node.js | ProgrammableWeb.

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the process of creating a Node.js web application that will print and mail a 4×4 Instagram photo. The web application will allow a user to log in to their Instagram account, randomly choose a recent photo from their feed, and then provide a shipping address to mail the photo.

Building an Instagram-Like App with Parse and Swift

via Building an Instagram-Like App with Parse and Swift.

Parse, the mobile app platform, has one particularly interesting product: Parse Core. One of its features allows app developers to store data in the cloud, without worrying about setting up servers and designing a REST API. Parse Core is also locally backed, like Core Data, which makes it a very good solution for online-offline back-ends.

This tutorial explains how to create an app that’s backed by Parse. We’ll create an Instagram-like app with these features:

  1. Load data from Parse, store it locally.
  2. Save data to Parse, write it back to the cloud.
  3. Upvote, or like, pictures of cats.

The app will be entirely created with Swift, Apple’s new programming language for making iOS apps. Parse isn’t yet rewritten in Swift, so we’ll have to create a Bridging Header to work with it.

NodeJS – Setting up Instagram API

Network Programming with iOS

You can take your app to the next level by integrating with a server-back end or allowing networking between devices. These tutorials show you how!

Build an Instagram clone with AngularJS, Satellizer, NodeJS and MongoDB

via Build an Instagram clone with AngularJS, Satellizer, Node.js and MongoDB | HackHands.

Table of Contents

Demo & Source Code
Getting Started
Bootstrapping UI
Home Page
Login Page
Signup Page
Express Skeleton
Database and User Model
Authentication Middleware and JWT
Login and Signup Express Routes
Instagram Authentication Express Route
Instagram API Endpoints
Back to the client-Side
Detail Page
Navbar Enhancements

1. Introduction

Satellizer is a token-based authentication module for AngularJS that comes with built-in support for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, Yahoo and Windows Live OAuth providers, as well as a more traditional email and password sign-in flow.