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node.js + ALM + REST API = Awesome

Everyday you see people (or yourself) doing some mundane task and you wonder how can you help them automate that process. So this article highlights something I did a few months back to help a friend who used to spend considerable amount of time fetching data from ALM (Earlier know as QC) formatting it and putting in […]


Data Centricity vs. Message Centricity

In this blog post, I would like to clarify the difference between data-centricity and message-centricity when it comes to middleware solutions. Let’s consider DDS as an example of data-centric middleware and MQTT as an example of message-centric middleware. There are definitely other examples, and all middleware solutions have advantages and disadvantages. They are designed to […]


Mirth: Monitor and Send Alerts every X hours

Hi; This is a very quick post as I want to link the code to someone asking a question on LinkedIn. Any one who has dealt with Mirth alerts knows that you can get flooded by messages when there is a problem. I wrote this channel to alert us every 3 hours if a problem […]