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Podcast Episode 1: Developing Hybrid iPhone Applications

In this episode I interview App Development Expert, Author & Teacher : Professor Lee Barney of Brigham Young University in Idaho. Professor Barney shares his journey of writing about iPhone app development and being the first wave of developers when the iPhone SDK was first launched.

How to use the UIWebView in iOS Applications

via How to use the UIWebView in iOS Applications.

More and more iOS applications now have their own internal web browser using UIWebView to get around multi-tasking issues on the devices. I’m going to show you how you too can include a simple web viewer in an application. Perfect for things like online help pages or sign-up account creation without taking the user away from your application.

Base64 Decoding in iOS 7 Objective-C and iOS8 Swift

via Base64 Decoding in iOS 7 Objective-C and iOS8 Swift – iOS-Blog.

Here is a very quick tip that about Base64 decoding for iOS Applications and for Objective-C iOS7+, incl iOS8 Swift.

Knowing this quick reference has saved my bacon so many times, it might be a good idea to bookmark this page.

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