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Build a connected-car IoT app with Geospatial Analytics

via Build a connected-car IoT app with Geospatial Analytics.

Want to build an Internet of Things (IoT) application on IBM Bluemix™? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Most IoT apps consist of three pieces: a connectedthing, an application to view and manage the thing, and analytics to detect events triggered by the thing. TheInternet of Things service on Bluemix — IoT Foundation — makes it trivially easy to connect a thing to applications and analytics services. To demonstrate how easy it is, I built an IoT starter kit for connected cars. The Connected Vehicle kit consists of three pieces:

  • A vehicle simulator (a Node.js app)
  • HTML5 applications to view and manage vehicles on a map
  • The Geospatial Analytics service on Bluemix, and Node-RED for analytics

Join author Bryan Boyd at IBM InterConnect 2015 for a hands-onguided tour of the IoT Foundation and Bluemix.

This tutorial guides you through configuring and deploying the Connected Vehicle starter kit on Bluemix and building analytics with the Geospatial Analytics service and Node-RED.

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The Connected Vehicle application uses IoT Foundation for near-real-time messaging between simulated vehicles and the Map and Tester apps”