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How the heck do you integrate Swift and Unity?

Motivation The motivation for this solution, and really the birth of this guide was that there wasn’t any guides or solutions out there touching Swift and Unity. One of them is a huge beast that has a large presence in media industry and the other is a young fledgling elegant beauty waiting to burst to it. Problem […]


TouchDevelop is a touch-friendly app creation environment for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux.

via Microsoft/TouchDevelop · GitHub.

TouchDevelop is a touch-friendly app creation environment for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux developed with

Living Design Systems

Product design and development can cover a range of devices and platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, responsive web applications and web sites, desktop apps, and web-based prototypes… and if you work in a very large organization, you may have a range of products and features to add several variations or themes within each of these areas.

In order to stay productive and effective across teams, platforms, and devices, systemic design and development is imperative. UI Libraries and Style Guides are a great step towards keeping everything aligned. But how can this style guide be a maintainable, useful resource rather than a distraction?

Learn from a product designer’s perspective from past and current projects ranging from small teams to large enterprise teams — how she and her teams have strived to maintain a “single source of truth” for a truly living spec through a living style guide and prototype — all of which can improve your product design and development lifecycle.


Jina is a Senior Product Designer at Salesforce UX, where she helps design and develop systems and patterns across multiple teams within an enterprise company. She also loves Sass; she leads Team Sass Design, runs The Mixin (an SF-area Sass meet up), and helps Susy.


Videos: ios xcode objective-c for ipad and iphone apps.

ios xcode objective-c for ipad and iphone apps.