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Book: Introduction to Python: For Scientists and Engineers

Introduction to Python: For Scientists and Engineers

Python is an all-in-one solution for scientific needs. Its popularity can be judged from the fact that it is now world’s most preferred language for coding purposes. The book introduces basic python for the purpose of scientific computation. The book is useful for students, researchers and students who are looking for a open source software for numerical computation.

Google’s Deep Dream in PyCharm

via Google’s Deep Dream in PyCharm | JetBrains PyCharm Blog.

Reading the subject of this blog post I hope you’re all ready to have some fun! A month ago, Google released the code in an IPython Notebook letting everyone experiment with neural networks, image recognition algorithms and techniques as described in their Inceptionism: Going Deeper into Neural Networks article. Neural networks are known for their ability to recognize different shapes, forms, sophisticated objects, and even people’s faces. Well, Google engineers used an upside-down approach: you show different images to a pre-trained neural network and let it draw what it sees on the images, with the ultimate goal of generating new creative imagery based on artificial intelligence!


IPython kernel for Redis

I have been working on understanding how IPython works, the kernels, the client etc. I have managed to figure out how the zmq client and server mechanism works and makes it so simple to add so many types of clients. Its really awesome. Not content with that I wanted to see if I would write […]


One step to install psycopg2 on Mac OSX (10.9.5)

bookmark here for the future re-installation, to save time. conda install -c https://conda.binstar.org/trent psycopg2 thanks the discussion group: ‘Anaconda-Public’ (LINK HERE)


IPython Notebook Installation

The IPython Notebook is a web-based interactive computational environment where you can combine code execution, text, mathematics, plots and rich media into a single document pyplot 사용법을 연습하고자 IPython Notebook을 설치했다. IPython Notebook에서 다음과 같이 password를 생성한다. 명령행에서 다음 명령어를 실행한다. 생성된 ~/.ipython/profile_nbserver/ipython_notebook_config.py을 수정한다. 다음과 같이 IPython Notebook을 실행한다. 웹 브라우저에서 실행한 컴퓨터의 ip:port 주소로 […]


Python tips

4. Difference between re.search() and re.match() 3. Python regex to match multiple times 2. iPython for reproducible research. 1. How to get the source code of a function or class? inspect.getsourcelines(). (here)


Next-gen Data Analysis Framework for Telemetry

The easier it is to get answers, the more questions will be asked In that spirit me and Mark Reid have been working for a while now on a new analysis infrastracture to make it as easy as possible for engineers to get answers to data related questions. Our shiny new analysis infrastructure is based […]