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WKInterfaceTimer – Add a Countdown to a Swift WatchKit App

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I anticipate that many Apple Watch Apps will have some sort of countdown timer.  It might be to show the time until some waiting component of a game is complete, or to countdown to a special date.  Either way, it sure would be nice to have something built in to do that.

That is why Apple added the WKInterfaceTimer.  Before this, you would probably have to use a normal label, and then periodically update it by being triggered by an NSTimer.  I haven’t done this yet, so please let me know if there is a better way for me to mention here.  Nonetheless, without some fancy third-party framework, replicating the capabilities of WKInterfaceTimer was probably significantly harder.

Intro to Watchkit

It’s here. The newest family of iOS is now available for developers: Watchkit. We are going to skip the dancing and get straight to the point. This post will help you get started with developing for apple watch by giving you a nice overview of what to expect. Let’s dive in! Original Post>>