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Java 7: How to write really fast Java code

via Java 7: How to write really fast Java code | Java Code Geeks.

When I first wrote this blog my intention was to introduce you to a classThreadLocalRandom which is new in Java 7 to generate random numbers. I have analyzed the performance of ThreadLocalRandom in a series of micro-benchmarks to find out how it performs in a single threaded environment.

The results were relatively surprising: although the code is very similar,ThreadLocalRandom is twice as fast as Math.random()! The results drew my interest and I decided to investigate this a little further. I have documented my anlysis process. It is an examplary introduction into analysis steps, technologies and some of the JVM diagnostic tools required to understand differences in the performance of small code segments. Some experience with the described toolset and technologies will enable you to write faster Java code for your specific Hotspot target environment.

OK, that’s enough talk, let’s get started! My machine is an ordinary Intel 386 32-bit dual core running Windows XP.

Math.random() works on a static singleton instance of Random whilst ThreadLocalRandom -> current() -> nextDouble()works on a thread local instance of ThreadLocalRandom which is a subclass of Random. ThreadLocal introduces the overhead of variable look up on each call to the current()-method. Considering what I’ve just said, then it’s really a little surprising that it’s twice as fast as Math.random() in a single thread, isn’t it? I didn’t expect such a significant difference.

Java 7 vs Groovy 2.1 Performance Comparison

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