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How Offshore Java Development Companies Create 2D Game In Java ME

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With this article, we are going to provide you a quick introduction to Java ME development tools used by offshore Java Development vendors to create MIDlet. Java ME contains small JVM and a set of Java APIs that are used for developing mobile applications. So let’s start and create your first mobile app with perfection.

Java Brain Aerobics (The Java Source)

via Java Brain Aerobics (The Java Source).

Do you know Java tip or trick that you’d like to share with Java Community but don’t want to give away too easily? Write a Fix This code challenge for Java Magazine. Give readers the chance to flex their brain muscles, have fun, and learn something new. Can you stump the Java world?

Java Magazine reaches more than 250,000 subscribers and is loaded with technical articles, community news, and success stories from an array of businesses. The magazine’s success is the result of the expert writers who write about technologies that they have first hand experience with.

Pick a topic you are most familiar with and send as many Fix This challenges as you want. The challenge can be about any Java technology, whether it is Java SE, Java EE, Java ME, or Java Embedded.

Videos: Getting started with Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil Board. PART II

This video will show you all the steps you need to follow to develop your first applications using Java ME Embedded 3.3 on the Keil board

Videos: Java ME Embedded Tips and Tricks.

Videos: Java ME Embedded Tips and Tricks.

Embedded expert Vinicius Senger will talk ab

out how to build Java ME embedded applications for robots and boards. 

Submit your project to the IoT Developer Challenge at http://www.java.net/challenge for a chance to win a trip to JavaOne 2014 
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Five training videos on-demand about Java Embedded, IoT and  Raspberry Pi as well as a great demo of a Gemalto application.http://bit.ly/1imi3cC
Five more live sessions coming up, where you can ask questions. Next: Using I2C Component with Raspberry Pi on April 1sthttp://bit.ly/1imibc2

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