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Available Resource: Software Engineer Team Lead

Download resume of Software Engineer Team Lead

Gibson Pasquini Nascimento is Software Engineer Team Lead has 10 years of IT Industry experience and 10 years of relevant experience. His current location is Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands and he is willing to relocate anywhere in United States. His area of expertise are Software Development, Systems Integrations (SOA and APIs), Scrum, Consultancy,  Java, Javascript. He is holding  Europe, Brazil valid Visa and looking out for sponsorship. He is available with in 4 week. If interested please E-mail him at gibson.pasquini@gmail.com or contact him at +310610291106.

Java Multi-Threading: Volatile Variables, Happens-Before Relationship, and Memory Consistency

Java Multi-Threading: Volatile Variables, Happens-Before Relationship, and Memory Consistency
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What is a volatile variable?

volatile is a keyword in Java. You cannot use this as a variable or method name. Period.

Video: JavaScript Landscape for Java Developer

Attend this session if you want to quickly kickstart your understanding of the entire JavaScript ecosystem in the space of an hour!

While the Java language and Java EE platform are clearly defined and specified, that is not the case for the JavaScript ecosystem. It seems like whenever you wake up in the morning there’s a new JavaScript framework that supersedes the one you’ve been getting comfortable with.

Geertjan Wielenga has years of experience in the Java ecosystem and has in recent years gained experience with the new JavaScript frameworks, technologies, and tools. He is writing a book about it with the intention to help Java EE developers in integrating and using relevant parts of the JavaScript platform.

Come to this interactive and code-driven session and learn how and when and under which circumstances it may be useful to combine the JavaScript world with Java EE applications, with an overview of the JavaScript landscape and insights on how to best use them within the context of the Java EE platform.

Jongo – The Java Object Document Mapper for MongoDB

Jongo – The Java Object Document Mapper for MongoDB
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By Mohammad Umar Ali Karimi

This tutorial explains about the Jongo, a Java query language for accessing the data from MongoDB database. When you work with the MongoDB database, you have to use the Mongo shell for querying the data, however when you are querying in the Java application, you have to use the Java driver for MongoDB and retrieve the data. This approach is not easy and needs complex syntax. Jongo addresses the problem by Query in Java as in Mongo shell.

  • How to install MongoDB on Windows

MongoDB is an open-source noSQL database written in C++ that provides high performance, high availability and auto-scaling. A record in a MongoDB is called a Document. A document is a data structure composed of keys and corresponding values. MongoDB documents are similar to JSON objects as shown:
MongoDB record
MongoDB document

Part 1: Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-1
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By Mohamed Sanaulla

Over a series of 2 posts or so, I would try and show how to develop a simple Todo Desktop application using JavaFX as the Frontend, and the well known NoSQL database MongoDB as the Backend and using Java as the glue between both of them. The main aim of developing this application is to understand how we can use MongoDB and its Java driver to communicate with Java applications.

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A brief about MongoDB: It is a document oriented NoSQL database, which stores the data in the form of JSON-like document structure. I can go one and write more, but we can explore as we go along.
In this post, I would cover:

  • Installing MongoDB
  • Trying out MongoDB using the command line.
  • Downloading the Java driver for MongoDB
  • Developing the backend for our application.

Part 3: Real-time Applications with AngularJS and Java

Real-time Applications with AngularJS and Java – Part 3
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1. Introduction This article is the last one of a series of three on real-time applications. In the part 1, I have created a simple Task management application and implemented the Periodic Refresh AJAX pattern to make it feel as if the UI was updated in real-time when tasks were created. In the part 2,

Part 2: Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB

Developing a Simple Todo Application using JavaFX, Java and MongoDB- Part-2
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In my previous post:

  • I setup the objective of our sample application and named it as TodoFX (I know lot of you would have missed the naming part, lack of creativity in naming drives me create portmanteau of technology and usage of app)
  • Created the back end for our sample application, in the process we played around with MongoDB (not much though).

Continuing with the application, I would like to:

  • Add a few updates to the model and backend APIs we had created earlier
  • Develop the UI for our application. This would include 2 parts- Developing the UI for Adding new task and Developing the UI to list all uncompleted tasks.