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Videos: Java ME Embedded Tips and Tricks.

Videos: Java ME Embedded Tips and Tricks.

Embedded expert Vinicius Senger will talk ab

out how to build Java ME embedded applications for robots and boards. 

Submit your project to the IoT Developer Challenge at http://www.java.net/challenge for a chance to win a trip to JavaOne 2014 
Additional Technical Training and Support: 
Iot Developer Challenge Forum. http://bit.ly/NAjFUG
Challenge FAQ http://bit.ly/1g8Xm4d
Five training videos on-demand about Java Embedded, IoT and  Raspberry Pi as well as a great demo of a Gemalto application.http://bit.ly/1imi3cC
Five more live sessions coming up, where you can ask questions. Next: Using I2C Component with Raspberry Pi on April 1sthttp://bit.ly/1imibc2

About the Challenge 
Submit your application by May 30, 2014 http://bit.ly/19w6OJZ
The challenge rules are here http://bit.ly/1nKlRKe