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Netbeans 8.0 and Java 8

Netbeans 8.0 and Java 8

Hello everyone, and was launched the new version of Java and Netbeans also released its latest version supports java in this post will show you how to download and configure. Some of the new features of Java are lambda expressions, new functionality for collections through a package of Stream and improvements in collections performance, a new topic of JavaFX to improve the appearance of applications, better integration of JavaFX and swing, upgrades and more 3D effects. As for Netbeans, the most significant improvements are the tools for encoding using the new features in Java 8 as suggestions to replace the code of anonymous classes lambdas, JavaSE and JavaME support for embedded, improved autocomplete code, integration with JavaFX Scene Builder, improved debugging code cordova mobile applications, support for PHP 5.5, and many more. You see the Netbeans team has endeavored to enhance the capabilities of the IDE and so far I think it has greatly increased the performance, because all applications created in previous versions of the IDE run faster and require fewer resources.

The first step in working with the new Netbeans is downloaded, you can go to the official website of Netbeans, but from the website of Oracle it is possible to download both the latest version of Netbeans as the latest version of Java to it entered the following website:


and we must select the option to download JDK 8 & Netbeans 8.0: