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The Basics with NodeJS Examples

via The Basics with Node.js Examples – InfoSec Institute.

Public-facing APIs have tremendously increased in the last couple of years. Businesses have seen that sharing their business data with the public can be beneficial. There are many reasons for this: such as the fact that it allows the API users to create something new and interesting with the shared data, and that APIs enable the creation of communities around a particular business. Take Twitter. You can perform almost any action on it without being actually on Twitter. Such public APIs are mostly managed and not naked, meaning that they control API requests, impose a rate limit and implement other measures of control such as requiring an access key and allowing only certain IPs to use the API with a given key. Below, we will discuss two simple ways to implement authentication in Web APIs and exemplify those authentication methods with Node.js and WordPress. We will present an introduction on working with CORS in Node.js, JSONP and we will introduce some API conventions.

Jabiru: Simple script to manage JSONP calls

via jeremenichelli/jabiru · GitHub.

Add the distribution file to your project, it weights only 557 bytes minified and gzipped.