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Script element – declaration

Declaration Declaration is used to declare a function that can be used in scriptlet or expression in a JSP page. Function is a unit for performing certain feature. In Java, we call it ‘method’. In JSP, declaration has the following syntax structure. In above structure, each syntax has following meanings. returnType – specifies the type […]


Implicit object – Request

The default implicit object, request is the most used default object that is associated with the request of web browser. When you enter the address of website in a web browser, after getting connected to the right web server, it sends a request information to the server. Request provides information requested by client.  The features […]


GET method & POST method

Web browser sends the parameters using one of GET method and POST method. In the makeTestForm.jsp, you can see the following HTML code. Value of tag’s method value is “post”. It means web browser is sending the parameter data in POST method. The difference between POST method and GET method is in a way it […]