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Script element – declaration

Declaration Declaration is used to declare a function that can be used in scriptlet or expression in a JSP page. Function is a unit for performing certain feature. In Java, we call it ‘method’. In JSP, declaration has the following syntax structure. In above structure, each syntax has following meanings. returnType – specifies the type […]


Implicit object – Request

The default implicit object, request is the most used default object that is associated with the request of web browser. When you enter the address of website in a web browser, after getting connected to the right web server, it sends a request information to the server. Request provides information requested by client.  The features […]


HTML form & Request Parameters

One of the most frequently used feature in JSP is to process the form values entered in the web browser. For example, if you type a name or a keyword to the input form and click a button such as [Make a blog], it creates a blog. The information put it in the form such […]


GET method & POST method

Web browser sends the parameters using one of GET method and POST method. In the makeTestForm.jsp, you can see the following HTML code. Value of tag’s method value is “post”. It means web browser is sending the parameter data in POST method. The difference between POST method and GET method is in a way it […]


pageContext implicit object

PageContext object is an object that maps to one of JSP page. It provides following functionalities: Obtaining other implicit object Processing properties Controlling the flow of page Getting error data It is rare to use pageContext object directly in the JSP page. However, it is used a lot when implementing a custom tag, so you […]


application implicit object

All JSP pages included in a particular web application share single application object. Application object contains information to be used throughout the web application. For example, using application object, we can read the initial configuration information and the server information. In addition, we can read resources web application provides. Reading web application initialization parameters Servlet provides initialization […]


application implicit object (2)

Obtaining resources for web applications You might want to use files in the web application directory on a JSP page. For example, let’s say there is a subdirectory “message” under jsp_practice directory, and you want to print  txt file in message\notice\notice.txt. In this case, you can read specified resource using an absolute path as follows: […]