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Utilizing the Java 8 Date-Time API with JSF and Java EE 7

via Josh’s Dev Blog – Java, Java EE, Jython, Oracle, and More…: Utilizing the Java 8 Date-Time API with JSF and Java EE 7.

If you are using Java 8 with Java EE 7, then there may be some quirks that you run into when trying to utilize some of the Java 8 new features.  One such quirk is that the new Date-Time API does not work with many of the Java EE 7 APIs by default since they are built to work with java.util.Date and/or the older Date APIs.  However, this is not a road block, as there are many ways to work around such issues.  In this post, I will demonstrate how you can tweak your JSF application to allow use of the Java 8 Date-Time APIs along with JPA and date converters.

Video: Getting to Jython 2.7

Jython is a version of Python that runs on the JVM. The Jython project recently celebrated release 2.7, which is compatible with Python 2.7. What are the aims of the Jython project, and who uses it? What obstacles did the Jython developers have to deal with on the way to this release? And what new features does the new version include? In this talk, Jython committer Jim Baker helps to answer these questions, describing how Jython is good for the Python and Java development communities.

RESTful Charts with JAX-RS and PrimeFaces

via Josh’s Dev Blog – Java, Java EE, Jython, Oracle, and More…: RESTful Charts with JAX-RS and PrimeFaces.

Oftentimes, it is useful to utilize a chart for providing a visual representation of your data. PrimeFaces supplies charting solutions that make it easy to add visual representations of your data into web and mobile applications. If we couple the use of PrimeFaces charting components with RESTful web service data, we can create custom charts that scale well for both desktop and mobile devices.

In this post, I will update the Java EE 7 Hands On Lab MoviePlex application to provide a dashboard into which we can integrate PrimeFaces chart components. We’ll create one chart in this example, but you can utilize this post to help you build even more charts in a similar manner. Specifically, we will utilize a RESTful web service to glean movie theater capacity information, and we’ll display each of the theater capacities using a PrimeFaces Bar Chart.

#Java + #Python – #Jython 2.7 beta 3 has arrived!