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Kayak: Library for Deep Neural Networks

via HIPS/Kayak · GitHub.

This is a library that implements some useful modules and provides automatic differentiation utilities for learning deep neural networks. It is similar in spirit to tools like Theano and Torch. The objective of Kayak is to be simple to use and extend, for rapid prototyping in Python. It is unlikely to be faster than these other tools, although it is competitive and sometimes faster in performance when the architectures are highly complex. It will certainly not be faster on convolutional architectures for visual object detection and recognition tasks than, e.g., Alex Krizhevsky’s CUDA Convnet or Caffe. The point of Kayak is to be able to experiment in Python with patterns that look a lot like what you’re already used to with Numpy. It makes it easy to manage batches of data and compute gradients with backpropagation.