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Video: Advanced Kendo UI (Session Recording)

Advanced Kendo UI (Session Recording)
// Telerik Developer Network

Do you feel pretty comfortable with Kendo UI framework? Are your jQuery skills pretty top-notch? Good. Because you’re going to need them.

In this session recording from TelerikNEXT, I dive into some advanced Kendo UI concepts that require a mastery of the basics and your browser’s developer tools. In the session, I really dig in and look at how you can take your Kendo UI applications to 11. Hopefully, I left no stone unturned as I explored the depths of the advanced Kendo UI framework.

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Cascading Dropdown List using Asp.Net and Kendo UI

via Cascading Dropdown List using Asp.Net and Kendo UI.

In this blog you will learn about Cascading Dropdown Lists using ASP.Net and the Kendo UI.

Mithril, Kendo UI, Firebase & ASP.NET

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This is a demo webapp that combines Mithril, Kendo UI, ASP.NET & Firebase.

Please note that Kendo Grid belongs to the “Professional” version of Kendo UI and therefore needs a proper license to be used. Therefore I’m not providing the copyrighted scripts/styles to avoid violation of Telerik’s license terms.