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Code to Generate random Name (10 character) and Credit Card (16 digits)

Code to Generate random Name (10 character) and Credit Card (16 digits) and Save them to a .csv file along with Last_four digits of credit card Under Vuser_init.c Add the function random_ vuser_init() { return 0; } char buff[32] = “”; random_name(int length) { int r,i; srand((unsigned int)time(0));  //Seed number for rand() r = rand() % 25 + 65; //uppercase for Initial Letter buff[0] = (char)r; //Loop to generate random small characters […]


Program to Increment the parameter when the parameter has more digits

I have a Parameter. I want to increase the parameter value by 1. Below is the code to capture the parameter and increment it by 1. Action() { long double i; lr_save_string(“1234567899”, “id”); i = atol(lr_eval_string(“{id}”)); i =i+1; lr_save_int(i, “id”); lr_output_message(“Value is: %s”, lr_eval_string(“{id}”)); return 0; } Output: Starting action Action. Action.c(12): Value is: 1234567900 Ending action Action. Ending Vuser… If we increase the […]