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Introducing the Xamarin SDK for LoopBack

via StrongLoop | Introducing the Xamarin SDK for LoopBack.

When we started the open source LoopBack project two years ago, we knew that its use would be fueled by the needs of mobile solutions. We were a very small team and only able to develop for iOS, Android, and AngularJS. Although we were keenly interested in the meteoric rise of Xamarin as a cross-platform solution, we just didn’t have the resources to do anything about it.

But then we got lucky. Really, really lucky.

Video: Comparing Node.js Frameworks: Express, hapi, LoopBack, Sailsjs and Meteor

In this video recorded on Feb 3, 2015 at the BayNode Meetup in Mountain View, Shubhra Kar from StrongLoop walks through a compare and contrast of various Node frameworks like Express, Hapi, restify, sail.js, Meteor and LoopBack and their suitability for building scalable APIs.

Building offline data sync

It’s becoming very important for the web apps to provide a good experience even when the device is not connected. This talk tells the story of how offline data access was added to LoopBack and the technology that makes this possible.

Getting Started with LoopBack: An open source API framework written in Node.js

StrongLoop engineer Ritchie Martori demos the open source, API framework based on Node, called LoopBack.

Comparing Express, Restify, hapi and LoopBack for building RESTful APIs

Comparing Express, Restify, hapi and LoopBack for building RESTful APIs

If you are writing a Node.js application, chances are you going to have some kind of API end points to be consumed by your front end or expose data for others to take in. This is where RESTful APIs come in. And now you have a dilemma – what tools to use and what approach to take? So many choices…

Thanks to the incredibly active Node.js community, the amount of results for arest search on NPM is pretty overwhelming. Everyone has their own implementation and approach, but few seem to agree on a common way to go about implementing RESTful APIs in Node.js.

Video: Getting Started with the LoopBack API Gateway