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Working with iOS 8 Handoff Part 2: Using Continuation Streams

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In my last tutorial we met for first time the Handoff capability that was introduced in iOS 8.0. With it, an activity that is started in one iOS device can be continued to another from the point that was left off. Also, an activity can be continued on a Mac too, as long as the operating system is the version 10.10 (Yosemite) and a respective application exists. Obviously, it is a nice new feature that developers can take advantage of in order to create cool applications based on an entirely new philosophy.

AppleScript to install modern.IE VMs with one click in VirtualBox for Mac

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  1. Make sure VirtualBox and Growl 2 are installed on your Mac. (Growl is only used to provide progress notifications; the script might work without it.)
  2. Download and extract the ZIP file containing the application. Double click the extracted application. (If GateKeeper does not allow you to open the app, right click the app and select “Open”.)
  3. Choose the VM you want to install and click “OK”.
  4. Wait while the required files are downloaded, extracted, and imported into VirtualBox.
  5. You’re done! VirtualBox will be opened so you can start using the VM.

OmniSharp – Making cross-platform .NET a reality, and a pleasure

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In case you missed it, make sure to read Announcing .NET 2015 – .NET as Open Source, .NET on Mac and Linux, and Visual Studio Community because there’s been some big stuff going on.

Here’s the summary of the .NET 2015 Wave of awesomeness.

Working with Handoff in iOS 8

Click to Read: iOS 8 introduces a brand new capability named Handoff. What it does is simple; it allows us to start working with an app on an iOS device, and continue to another one, assuming that all devices run the latest version of the operating system. It is also supported by the new Mac OS named Yosemite.

OSX Bootstrap

Click to Read: Script to set up a Mac OS X workstation for web development. It installs Homebrew, YADR, Chrome, Dropbox, Firefox, Sublime Text 2, Node.js, Grunt, and much more.

Get KinectV2 skeletons into openFrameworks on your Mac

Click to Read: Easily get the Kinect V2 sensor‘s realtime skeleton data into openFrameworks on a Mac.

Symbolication for OSX/iOS

Click to Read: This is a simple replacement for Xcode/symbolicatecrash for iOS/OSX crash dumps.