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RIOT: The friendly OS for IoT


RIOT OS is an operating system for Internet of Things (IoT) devices. It is based on a microkernel and designed for

  • energy efficiency
  • hardware independent development
  • a high degree of modularity

Its features comprise

  • a preemptive, tickless scheduler with priorities
  • flexible memory management
  • high resolution timers
  • virtual, long-term timers
  • the native port allows to run RIOT as-is on Linux, BSD, and Mac OS. Multiple instances of RIOT running on a single machine can also be interconnected via a simple virtual Ethernet bridge
  • Wiselib support (C++ algorithm library, including routing, clustering, timesync, localization, security and more algorithms)
  • IPv6
  • UDP
  • 6LoWPAN
  • NHDP

Cookbook for JavaScript for Automation in Mac OS X Yosemite

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JavaScript for Automation is a new thing in Mac OS X Yosemite. It allows you to control applications using JavaScript language. How awesome!

However, its documentation covers the basics of using JavaScript to interact with the Open Scripting Architecture. For many tasks in scripting, there’s a lot to figure out, and many different documentations to refer to.

So I created this JavaScript for Automation cookbook that features a lot of examples, such as:

  • How to display alert, prompt and confirm dialogs.
  • How to run shell scripts.
  • How to create a command-line script (shebang script) and read argv arguments.

Where it makes sense, I try to link to the official documentation as much as possible so you can dive deeper.

For ease of editing and contribution, the contents are on the wiki.

Web-based PostgreSQL database browser

Web-based PostgreSQL database browser

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This is a web-based browser for PostgreSQL database server. Its written in Go and works on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows machines. Main idea behind using Go for the backend is to utilize language’s ability for cross-compile source code for multiple platforms. This project is an attempt to create a very simple and portable application to work with PostgreSQL databases.


  • Connect to local or remote server
  • Browse tables and table rows
  • Get table details: structure, size, indices, row count
  • Execute SQL query and run analyze on it
  • Export query results to CSV
  • View query history