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via Mean.io custom theme and Materialize css – CODETutorial.IO.

Mean.io is one of the leading framework to start developing mean application today. It come with a lot of feature already packed in, likeauthentication, db connection, folder structure and last but not least a visual interface made with bootstrap and angular-ui. Bootstrap 3.0is a very great fronted framework but today it’s becoming old and too many site use it.

Probably who develop a new application today want to use anotherCSS or a complete different layout.  In this tutorial we are going to see how to make it possible in a Mean.IO application without modify the core modules and just creating a custom layout in a custom package.

One of the best alternative i’ve found to Bootstrap is Materialize css. I really liked the behaviour of the interface and the simplicity used to create  really beautifull  interface.

So, let’s start creating a new  blank application for this tutorial