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Using Meteor to develop for Android Wear

Using Meteor to develop for Android Wear
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This article demonstrates how the Meteor Javascript app platform can be used in conjunction with Crosswalk to create a simple app for an Android Smartwatch

Video MeteorJS: Create modern apps faster than ever in pure JavaScript

In this lyntalen we will get a brief introduction to what Meteor is and look at some of the principles that lie behind this relatively new platform for creating apps. With significantly less code than before can now create modern reactive apps in no time. A language everywhere and isomorfisk code allows code to run on the server and client. We will also look at how to get started with Meteor, understand what an app consists of and how to adopt finished packages with functionality, and finally how deployer an app in the cloud.

Creating Gantt Chart App with dhtmlxGantt and MeteorJS.

via Creating Gantt Chart App with dhtmlxGantt and MeteorJS – CodeProject.

Gantt Chart is one of the possible ways of data visualization. Since these charts allow visualizing the workflow in the intuitive way they are widely used in project management software. In this article, I want to cover the process of creation of an online Gantt chart application. There are only two components I’ll use: MeteorJS and dhtmlxGantt. Let’s take a closer look at them.

How to Handle Errors in Meteor Methods

via How to Handle Errors in Meteor Methods.

If you define methods for altering your collections, you get the convenience of not having to define security-issue-prone allow/deny rules.

If you define these methods on both the client and the server, you get the benefit of Meteor’s latency compensation feature.

Part 1: Building a Yelp Clone in MeteorJS (Intro, Setting Up)

via Building a Yelp Clone in Meteor.js (Part 1: Intro, Setting Up).

First we’re going to create a new Meteor project. Meteor makes it SUPER easy to get an app up and running off the bat. The meteor create command creates a folder at the current directory with all the basic meteor files. We’re gonna go ahead and meteor create yelpclone and we should see this screen:

Common Meteor Patterns in ES2015

via Common Meteor Patterns in ES2015 | The Meteor Chef.

In this snippet, we’re going to look at some common patterns in Meteor rewritten using ES2015. We’ll see that the updates to the language are nothing to worry about and in most cases, we can bring our code up to date pretty quickly.

Wire up a Meteor application with an external HTML page

via Wire up a Meteor application with an external HTML page – Just Meteor.

In this blog post we’ll take a closer look at how you can wire up your existing Meteor application with an external source (in this case a “static” HTML-Page).

The goal at the end of this writing is to have a good understanding on how you can use a DDP-Protocol-Implementation to connect a client with your existing Meteor application.

Let’s start!