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JSON Micro-Service configuration with PM2

via JSON Micro-Service configuration with PM2.

As you already know, PM2 is a production process manager.
In this post I will show you how and why PM2 is best fit to deploy microservices-oriented applications.

OSGi: the gateway into micro-services architecture

OSGi: the gateway into micro-services architecture

The terms “modularity” and “microservices architecture” pop up quite often these days in context of building scalable, reliable distributed systems. Java platform itself is known to be weak with regards to modularity (Java 9 is going to address that by delivering project Jigsaw), giving a chance to frameworks like OSGi and JBoss Modules to emerge.

When I first heard about OSGi back in 2007, I was truly excited about all those advantages Java applications might benefit of by being built on top of it. But very quickly the frustration took place instead of excitement: no tooling support, very limited set of compatible libraries and frameworks, quite unstable and hard to troubleshoot runtime. Clearly, it was not ready to be used by average Java developer and as such, I had to put it on the shelf. With years, OSGi has matured a lot and gained a widespread community support.

The curious reader may ask: what are the benefits of using modules and OSGi in particular? To name just a few problems it helps to solve: