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Inside the .NET Compiler Platform – Performance Considerations during Syntax Analysis (#SpeakRoslyn)

Motivation The new Microsoft .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn) provides APIs for the whole compilation process, beginning from syntax analysis, over symbol analysis, binding and code generation. You can access the results of each phase through object models exposed by specific APIs. There are language-specific APIs and object models for C# and Visual Basic which are similar […]


Visual Studio : Mini-me !

Greetings fellow readers! Maybe you wanted to code on Visual Studio but couldn’t bring yourself to download the huge software, or maybe you didn’t think necessary to use the rocket launcher to squatch the bug? Well, behold! Microsoft released it’s own text/code editor last week : Visual Code(VSCode). While still in preview, it brings some […]


The most comprehensive list of used http-codes



The CommonJS module. The most comprehensive list of used http-codes.


  • Includes additional codes used in Nginx, Microsoft, CloudFlare and others products.
  • Detailed description of the http-code from Wikipedia. See source.
  • Simple.

Example usage:

 // Get the status code
 HTTPStatus.NOT_FOUND; //> 404

 // Get the status description
 HTTPStatus[404]; //> 'Not found'