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Game Music Middleware, Part 3: Fabric

Welcome back to my series of blogs that collect some tutorial resources about game music middleware for the game music composer.  I had initially intended to publish two blog entries on this subject, focusing on the most popular audio middleware solutions: Wwise and FMOD.  However, since the Fabric audio middleware has been making such a splash in […]


Data Centricity vs. Message Centricity

In this blog post, I would like to clarify the difference between data-centricity and message-centricity when it comes to middleware solutions. Let’s consider DDS as an example of data-centric middleware and MQTT as an example of message-centric middleware. There are definitely other examples, and all middleware solutions have advantages and disadvantages. They are designed to […]


Laravel 5.1 Pass middleware parameters as array

Laravel has added support for middleware parameter since version 5.1 . So it is nice that we can pass middleware parameter from Routes.php or from controller. Let’s see an example. or in controller constructor and in middleware handle function you can catch argument which is passed as mentioned below:


Building a Simple FILE to FILE Integration with Crosscut

One of the first thing one tries when evaluating an integration platform, is a simple file to file integration. This Managed File Transfer is the moral equivalent of an “Hello World” program for integration and middleware platforms. In this post, I will walk through how one does implement a simple FILE to FILE scenario with […]


Oracle Service Bus 11g Installation steps

First we need to download below PreRequisites. Oracle WebLogic Server: For 11g we going to download 10.3.6 version of WebLogic server. You can download it from Oracle official website : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/service-bus/downloads/index.html This server include JVM (32-bit/64-bit) , OSB plugin for Eclipse. Oracle Service Bus: You can download it from Oracle official website : http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/service-bus/downloads/index.html Eclipse […]


SAF Queue monitoring through WLST

WebLogic Store-and-Forward (SAF) service enables WebLogic Server to deliver messages reliably between applications that are distributed across WebLogic Server instances. The SAF service should be used in case of forwarding JMS messages between Weblogic servers or domains. The SAF service can deliver messages between two stand-alone instances or servers instances in a cluster. Also the […]


How To Delete Queue Messages Intended From Environment

Working with the queue messages on test or production environments, somehow a specified queue messages would like to be deleted (think twice) for the reasons of test or wrong messages. Therefore, you can use WebLogic interface to delete them, but if we talk about thousands of messages, it takes long time to finish them. At […]