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Minecraft Server on Google Cloud

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If you’ve not followed the Minecraft/Bukkit saga over the past few months, Bukkit and CraftBukkit downloads were taken down by DMCA because a developer (@wolvereness) wanted Mojang to open up. Mojang (@vubui) posted an official statement in their forums. The general feeling is that @wolvereness left the Bukkit community hanging, and Mojang is not responsible for this debacle.

Web based Minecraft programming

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Minecraft has an API that allows you to program it. This API is simple, but with a few simple API calls, you can create some amazing creations, games, visualisations, anything you can imagine.

Most people learn Python in order to program minecraft, but you can program Minecraft in any language. Why should you have to learn Python to code minecraft?

I have discovered from running a number of careers evenings at schools, that a common answer to the question “have you done any programming before” is often “yes, I’ve done some web pages, a bit of HTML and a tiny bit of javascript and css”. I was also asked by some school teachers whether it was possible to program Minecraft in javascript, as many children already learn a bit of javascript in ICT classes.

I looked around, and there are a couple of solutions already to program Minecraft in Javascript, but they seemed to me a bit fiddly to set up. What I was looking for was something that was easy to just copy a couple of files onto your computer, and get coding with it really quickly.

With the Raspberry Pi 3rd Birthday coming up, I wanted to try something a little new. On Sunday 1st March 2015, I showed an early prototype of this idea to an audience at Cambridge Labs, and the feedback was so good that it seems worthwhile developing this idea further.

A NodeJS wrapper for a Minecraft server with support for chat in Slack

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This is a wrapper for minecraft. I intend to make this like bukkit in that plugins as node modules will be able to be installed. This is just the default settings.